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Arbuckle Trail rides is owned and operated by Pete & Cheri Wolfe.  Their main business is raising, training and selling top quality Registered American Quarter Horses — mainly for trail riding.   With more than 50 years experience in handling and training horses for about every purpose, you cannot place yourself in better hands.  The horse business is their ONLY business and they are very good at it, having sold horses that have become World Champions and training riders that have achieved National prominence. Sadly, Cheri Has Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease.  She has battled back problems for more than 30 years and now can ride very little and not train at all.   But, they have good help and very qualified riders.  At 70+ years, they have slowed down very little.

Cheri has written dozens of magazine articles that have been published in just about every Nationally known horse magazine from the Western Horseman to the Quarter Horse Journal, The Arabian Horse World, Performance Horse, Horse Lovers and many more.
Pete & Cheri have a son, Terry, who has returned from serving in the US Navy aboard the USS Iwo Jima for 5 years.  Terry and his wife, Soleil, now live on the ranch with their 3 young children.

Pete and Cheri have lived on their ranch for the last 35 years.  Pete is a Tribal member of the Chickasaw Nation.  As a Chickasaw Native American born and raised in this area, he enjoys taking people to see the areas that he has hunted and fished in for more than 65 years.  This is not only his home, but his ancestral homeland.  The Chickasaw Nation has a very large presence in this area with a new 4 story Hotel, resort and Casino in Sulphur and a very interesting and informative ‘Chickasaw Cultural and heritage Center’ on the west edge of Sulphur.  The Chickasaw nation employs over 25,000 Oklahomans and is a very big part of our local economy.   They are listed in their directories as a ‘Chickasaw Citizen owned business’.    The Chickasaw Cultural and Heritage Center has been named one of the ‘top ten’ educational destinations in Oklahoma.   See:


Pete and Cheri have taken out trail riders for 16 years now and have a wealth of experience in that area.   They always love to show visitors their stallions and mares and the babies that are born each spring.    Many of their trail horses are home bred and raised and trained on the very trails that they now take guest riders on.

Arbuckle Trail Rides
Pete & Cheri Wolfe
P.O. Box 243
Sulphur, OK  73086
(580) 993-0097
(580) 622-6326


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