Our Liability


While Arbuckle Trail Rides takes every precaution possible to ensure riders’ safety, they want everyone to understand that ARBUCKLE TRAIL RIDES IS NOT RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ACCIDENTS OR LOSS OF LIFE OR PROPERTY OR INJURY that can occur as a result of visiting the Wolfe Ranch or of taking part of any trail ride or other horse activity located at our ranch, other ranches in the region that we ride on or any other place where we ride.
Although we are not required to by law, we provide helmets for riders under 18 years of age and insist that they wear them.  Helmets are also available for any adult rider that wants one.

Oklahoma has a law entitled “Oklahoma Livestock Activities Liability Limitation Act”  enacted in 1999.  It clearly states that any owner, employee or sponsor of ANY equine activity is NOT responsible for the inherent risks associated with that activity.   Anyone that would like to see the exact wording of the entire law can ask us and a copy of it will be sent or you can follow this link to a copy of the law that is located on line.   Link to Oklahoma Livestock Activities Liability Limitation Act.    http://asci.uvm.edu/equine/law/equine/ok_equ.htm

We have a near spotless record (over 16 years), but even the best trained horses can be unpredictable at times.  We want everyone to know that we are not liable for anything that might go wrong.