Lesson Rides

Pete Wolfe and the other guides are taking out ‘lesson rides’.  They are limited to 2 to 4 riders and they use a 2 – 4 hour trail ride to teach each rider how to better communicate with their horse.   Riders will learn how to get a horse to cross water, leave the group, guide where the rider wants the horse to go.   By the end of a few rides, they are usually trotting and/or loping circles around cedar trees and open meadows, stopping and doing sharp ‘turn-arounds’, backing between trees and brush piles, and more.  Riders Can ride in the hills or at the ranch and can learn to ‘work’ and ‘handle’ cattle and American Bison in the arenas and pens at the ranch headquarters.   Learn where you have to be to get a cow to go where you want it to go.  Learn how to ride a horse through quick turns and sharp starts and stops.  Learn how to be a rider and not a passenger.  In other words, you will learn how to effectively communicate with a horse in their language.

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Arbuckle Trail Rides
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