Our Horses

We have raised and trained high quality Registered Quarter Horses for 45 years.  This is our day job.  We know how to train a horse to be a good, safe, solid trail horse.   A good trail horse is one that does everything and goes everywhere the rider wants with a minimum of asking.  He is quiet, does not easily ‘spook’ or shy.  He is sure-footed and watches carefully where he places his feet.  We ride in rugged country and it takes a horse a long time to learn to travel in it safely if he was not raised in that kind of environment.  (Our broodmares and foals spend their summers running in rough pastures.)  A good trail horse does not try to travel faster or slower than the group and above all, is well trained enough to leave the group and ride where he is told to go.  He has good manners, i.e. he stands quietly for mounting and dismounting, stops and stands still when asked, is not upset when something is dropped or gets around his feet, etc.  In other words, he is a well trained horse;  not a ‘deadhead’ that just follows the horse in front of him.  We gather and work cattle on all our trail horses!   Go visit our  “WOLFE RANCH”  web site.  www.wolferanch.com    See the kind of ‘user friendly’ horses we raise.  Throughout the site, if a horse is said to be a good trail horse, it means just that.  Below are pictured horses that we have trained or are training to be good trail horses.  Most were bred and raised on our ranch.

Our bloodlines include the top Cowhorse and Cutting bloodlines in the Nation.  We had a grullo/gray double Driftwood stallion until May, 2011 when we sold him to a breeder in the UK that we had previously sold several mares to.   We still have many of his sons and daughters and most of them are for sale.  We also have a Colonel Freckles, Doc Bar & Zan Parr Bar winning reining stallion.  He has sired outstanding offspring for many years and a number of them are also for sale.   All of our horses are bred for good bone and feet; great minds and trainability; they are bigger and stouter than most cutting bred horses.

Each year, the Wolfe Ranch supplies trained horses for parades, Color Guards, Advertising Agencies and other commercial uses that require well trained horses.

CHECK OUT OUR NEW PAGE LISTING SOME OF THE HORSES THAT WE HAVE THAT ARE READY TO TAKE NEW OWNERS ON TRAIL RIDES OF THEIR OWN.  As we get current photos, we will list more of these proven, rock solid trail horses that ‘go anywhere you point their heads’ without an argument or fear.   Below are just a few of them.

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