Trail Rides


We are riding in the Arbuckle Mountain area on our ranch, other larger ranches and in the beautiful Chickasaw National Recreation Area.  We offer short rides that are 1 hour or 2 hours long and take most of these out on our ranch.  They are very scenic, and give riders a beautiful window to enjoy the Arbuckle  region from.  We take out riders 5 or 6 years and older on very safe, experienced horses.  The children all ride their own horse (no riding ‘double’.)  Children must wear helmets.  (We keep all sizes of riding helmets available.) These rides are available year ’round, weather permitting, by reservation.  These are REAL trail rides, crossing creeks and going up and down hills.  There are scenic overlooks where we stop to take pictures.  You can see many miles from some of these places on these ranch rides.

Longer Ranch Rides and ‘lesson rides’:  When available, longer rides from 3 hours to All Day REAL Trail rides go out on large large private ranches and in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.  Trail riders ride well-trained ranch and trail horses.  We ride year ’round, weather permitting.  Wildlife abounds, wild flowers are everywhere in season.

ALL rides are by appointment!  Prices for each kind of ride are listed on the ‘Prices’ page of this website.   Depending on our schedule, rides may be available on very short notice.  Other times we are booked quite a while ahead.  You just need to call.

‘Lesson Rides’ are available where riders are taught how to control and handle horses.  Riders can ride in one of our small or large ’round pens’ or arena or out in large back pastures with varied terrain.

Riders may ride at our ranch [Wolfe Ranch] where there is safe ground to trot and lope horses if the riders can demonstrate their experience and ability to ride that well.  We have several creek crossings and steep areas as well.   Riders may just amble through the countryside at a walk if that is what they want to do or take a more challenging ride.   Everyone can ride in a way they are comfortable with.   More experienced riders that want to, can learn to ‘work’ with cattle and American Bison that we keep here on the ranch.


ARBUCKLE TRAIL RIDES is a part of  WOLFE RANCH QUARTER HORSES.    Raising, training and selling quality Registered Quarter Horses is our ‘day job’.   Ride with REAL ranch Cowboys and expert trail guides.   Many historical sites dating back to ‘Indian Territory’ days can be seen only from horseback.   We are also fortunate enough to have permission to ride on some of the biggest and most historic ranches in Southern Oklahoma.

You will ride very gentle trail horses as well as our well trained Quarter Horses that we use for everyday ranch work.  You don’t ride the usual trail riding ‘plugs’ that are offered everywhere else.  These horses have been used to ‘work’ in these rugged canyons for years and several of them have recently been used in real ranch use, in ranch rodeos or show competition.   Some of these ‘working’ trail horses are for sale.  We have sold and shipped horses all over the World. [More than 30 head have been shipped to the UK and all over Europe and to Latin America!]  Call or e-mail us to schedule a ride.   Each ride is “set up” to suit the recreational goals and riding experience of each group of riders.  We have horses suitable for inexperienced and ‘first time’ riders and children age 5 or 6 and over as well as very experienced riders.   (We provide helmets for young riders and anyone else that wants one.)  Scenic photo opportunities are many and we frequently encounter wildlife.    We take out many YMCA, Scout, Church and School groups, etc.   We have very attractive group rates.  Give us a call.

We recommend that riders wear jeans and we require shoes or boots (NO flip-flops please.)  On sunny days, be sure to include sunscreen.  Always bring a camera.

We have saddle-bags on the saddles that hold cold drinks, snacks, cameras, etc.  You may bring a snack or a sack lunch on the longer rides where we will stop and take a break.

The feedback we are getting from riders is really exceptional and many return several times to ride again and again with us.   We are grateful & flattered that many groups come to our area JUST to ride with us.    Call or e-mail us to schedule a ride.

WE ARE LAUNCHING A PAGE TO LIST SOME OF THE HORSES THAT WE HAVE THAT ARE READY TO TAKE NEW OWNERS ON TRAIL RIDES OF THEIR OWN.  As we get recent photos, we will list some of these proven, rock solid trail horses that ‘go anywhere you point their heads’ without an argument or fear.

Arbuckle Trail Rides
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